Individual Issues

Individual issues are available for $2.50 each via PayPal.

April 2011: “How to Make a Bullet,” Kyle Minor Get HOW TO MAKE A BULLET

May 2011: “Vanish,” Libby Cudmore Get VANISH

June 2011: “Angelique,” Robin Jennings  Get ANGELIQUE

July 2011: “Art Smith Collection,” Michael Martone  Get ART SMITH

August 2011: “Paper Chain,” Emily K. Bright  Get PAPER CHAIN

September 2011: “Read Other Side First,” Renate Wildermuth  READ OTHER SIDE FIRST is SOLD OUT

September 2011: “postcard poems,” Margot Welch  POSTCARD POEMS is SOLD OUT

October 2011: “Bigfoot Convention,” Linton Lewis  Get BIGFOOT CONVENTION

November 2011: “A Thousand Marilyns,” Rob Williams  Get A THOUSAND MARILYNS

December 2011: “From The Classic Costumes Manual,” Noel Sloboda  Get FROM THE CLASSIC COSTUMES MANUAL

January 2012: “A Sign in Mexico,” Tony Press  A SIGN IN MEXICO is SOLD OUT

February 2012: “When I Walked into Her Apartment,” Dan Nielsen Get WHEN I WALKED INTO HER APARTMENT

March 2012: “Burlesque,” Shana Wolstein Get BURLESQUE

April 2012: “Good Twin/Evil Twin,” Diane Lefer Get GOOD TWIN/EVIL TWIN

May 2012: “How It Starts,” Katherine D. Stutzman Get HOW IT STARTS

June 2012: “Bird Brain,” Jonathan Cardew Get BIRD BRAIN

July 2012: “Morning,” D. Star Costello Get MORNING

August 2012: “Knots,” Diane Becker Get KNOTS


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